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The untreated and 100 pure Iboga powder is made from carefully selected Iboga root guts of the Gabon-derived Iboga plant. Ground by hand to fine powder, it is transported to Germany in the highest and purest quality and then shipped to our customers.

The vegan Iboga powder contains no additives and naturally contains all natural alkaloids, which gives the precious powder a psychoactive effect. Especially for mental and emotional problems, it can be used effectively, although it itself has no addictive properties. It is therefore often taken as an accompaniment in addiction management and psychotherapy in order to amplify the effect of therapy.

In addition, Iboga has the ability to significantly reduce other mental ailments. If you suffer from a lack of attention, clarity, concentration and general memory, the Iboga capsules offer you a valuable natural remedy. But even with sleepless nights, memory gaps and an intact self-confidence, the effective active ingredients of the Iboga powder make a positive contribution to both your physical and mental health.


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