Benefits of Ibogaine

As you may have heard, ibogaine puts the brain in a state before addiction. If you are addicted to heroin or opiate, your withdrawal symptoms are likely to disappear within 30 minutes to one hour after taking ibogaine. Ibogaine is also very effective against stimulant addiction (cocaine, crack, crystal meth), as the same dopamine reward circuit is reset. There is no other known substance that can do this. Ibogaine also cleans all traces of drugs from your body.

While ibogaine is a unique natural medicine, it is not a miracle cure. You simply have a window of 3-6 months to change your life. Why 3-6 months? This is the amount of time that noribogain – the metabolite into which ibogaine is converted in the body – remains in your system. So you have this yearn-free time to change your life.

After Ibogaine, people fall back into their addiction when they haven’t done the job: Prepare for your ibogaine experience, inform your loved ones and get their support, get advice before treatment and then make solid plans for another life after treatment .

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