Parallax Iboga das Wunder der Natur Die Rituelle Reinigung ist ein achtsamer Weg, um den Körper in
einen Zustand der Lebenskraft und Freude zu verwandeln.

Iboga the wonder of nature

Unfold the power of your subconscious and follow an exciting journey through all levels of creation, from the great to the very small, and discover the simple, clear language of the Sacred Iboga plant

Real healing and happiness are possible for everyone. There is no error or inadequacy that prevents us from being happy and fulfilled; but there are misconceptions that are called into question and wounds that must heal so that we can open our hearts completely to love and life.

Iboga can help you with this.

Iboga Pulver fein gemahlen

Iboga offers numerous opportunities for self-experience that will help you remove injuries that have arisen in your original family and put an end to interdependence and self-destructive behavior patterns.

The untreated and 100% organic Iboga powder is made from carefully selected Iboga root guts of the Gabon-derived Iboga plant. Ground by hand to fine powder, it is shipped to our customers in the highest and purest quality.

The powder contains no additives and naturally contains all natural alkaloids, which gives an effect to the precious powder.

It is therefore often referred to as a teacher and companion.

Free yourself from blockages and integrate the contrasting energies and emotions that daily life awakens within you! Stress, pressure to perform, fears for the future, suppressed anger and grief…

We all struggle with many things that strain our aura and often remain in the role of victim.

Instead of weakening and being worn down, however, it is important not to evaluate the energies, but to make them use of them in a nourishing and strengthening way.

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